Mig/Arc 250 Welding Machine Manufacturer in himachal pradesh

Mig/Arc 250 Welding Machine using IGBT inverter technology are available from Krishna Electricals. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Mig/Arc 250 Welding Machine in himachal pradesh They come in a variety of voltages, from 200 to 500 volts. An inverter-based power source for MAG/MIG semi-automatic manual and semi-automatic mechanized welding applications is lightweight, efficient, and environmentally friendly. The power source, wire feeder, and torch are all designed to be light and compact.

We are best quality Mig/Arc 250 Welding Machine Manufacturer in himachal pradesh


  • The machine's built-in wire feeder in the 200 and 250 amps range makes it highly portable.
  • At 250 amps, the machine is available.
  • Adjustment of the voltage and current in the crater.
  • The main transformer and chock coil are wound with electrolytic copper to extend their lifespan and ensure trouble-free operation.
  • A power factor >0.9 and minimal NO LOAD loss make this device extremely energy-efficient (85-90 percent efficiency).
  • Permanent magnet DC has low inertia and high torque.
  • Lightweight and well-balanced ergonomic design The Euro-type torch reduces fatigue for the user.
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