Tig/Arc 400ij Welding Machine Manufacturer in meerut

TIG is one short name for tungsten inert gas. The name explains the welding procedure since one tungsten electrode goes the current via the metals getting welded. Welders generally utilise Tig/Arc 400ij welding to finish welds if metal elements are pretty thin, offering one touch-up for the projects. Tig/Arc 400ij welding machine manufacturer In meerut is appropriate for each kind of nonferrous alloys, magnesium, titanium, copper and its alloys, aluminum and its alloys, nickel alloys, alloyed stainless, low-alloy steels and other carbon steels. The utilisation of one infusible electrode makes the Tig/Arc 400ij welding specifically appropriate for metals just a couple of millimeters thick.

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Tig/Arc 400ij welding machine supplier In meerut provides welding guns that are extremely simple to utilise, even for beginners. On top of that, it offers the most durable structure, which is why it is one of their best-selling equipment.

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