Weldman Spot Welding Machine Manufacturer in bihar

Our company, Weldman, supplies a wide range of spot welding machines too. It is one of the leading suppliers of spot welding machines in bihar. A resistance spot welder is what a spot welding machine is. When two or more sheet metals are fused by a heating process exercised on the welding point, then a spot welding machine is used. These spot welding machines apply pressure after the metal melts.

We are the leading manufacturers of spot welding machines in bihar for the following reasons:

  • Our machines don't require any filler metals and gases for fusing the metal pieces; this means the welding process becomes a much easier one.
  • Due to the high technology used in our spot welding machines, we do not require highly skilled labours or technicians.
  • The fast welding process is another advantage of our spot welding machines.
  • Less power is required to operate. No risking life operations are included.
  • These spot welding machines are used for heavy production purposes.

Products Details :-

Output Current 0-100 A
Brand Weldman
Suitable For Welding Rod 1-2mm
Material Metal
Automation Grade Automatic
Phase Three Phase
Country of Origin Made in India


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