MMA-200 Welding Machines Manufacturer in uttarakhand

One can accumulate 175 to 200 amperes on a 240-volt generator figured for 5,000 active watts. It will take a considerable time to reach the high rpm. A generator which is rated at 5,000 watts ( which is its highest power) would be limited to a 120-volt welder at 140 amperes while running at its peak. A 200-amp unit can weld between 4" to 16” steel. The demand for these welding is touching the sky, so the 200 welding machine manufacturer In uttarakhand is also producing a handsome number of these machines.

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In this type of welding, one can use a shielded metal arc welding known as Stick welding. One can use a high potential and secured electrode. These electrodes are the most important matter, so 200 welding machine supplier In uttarakhand is supplying a bulk number of electrodes to their warehouses. This particular stick alleviates and combines metals in the fire with the metal arc between a coated metal electrode and the base metal piece.

Products Details :-

Model Name/Number MMA 200
Output Current 20- 200 A
Automation Grade Manual
Welding Type arc welding
Phase SHINGLE Phase


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