MMA 280 Welding Machine Manufacturer in gujarat

What does MMA stand for welding machines? The complete form of MMA is a manual metal arc welding machine. Such welding machines have a filler rod in the electrode hold which works as the welding electrode. In these machines, the arc burns between the rod and the workpiece. Weldman is one of the leading suppliers of these MMA 280 welding machines in gujarat.

We are the leading manufacturer of MMA 280 Welding Machine in gujarat

Being the significant manufacturers of MMA welding machines in gujarat, we have specific responsibilities to keep up with our reputation in the industry. Our machines are equipped with the following features:

  • These machines produce low noise
  • It doesn't consume a large amount of energy
  • Outstanding welding performance
  • Auto adaptive in nature
  • The arc forces the electrodes to minimize the sticking to the puddle
  • It has a safety valve against overheating and over-voltage issues
  • Small in size but extremely powerful
  • Can weld a varied range of metals

Products Details :-

Country of Origin Made in India
COLOR blue
VOLT 220V-440V
SIZE small
PHASE single and two phase
1 heavy duty


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