Mig And Arc 400 Welding Machine Manufacturer in punjab

Manufacturers and suppliers of Mig and Arc 400 welding machines in punjab are Krishna Electricals. Customers can rely on us to supply them with MMA-400 MIG Welding Machines. Due to their outstanding characteristics, the products we've demonstrated here are trendy on the market.

Features of Mig And Arc 400 Welding Machine Manufacturer in punjab

  • Thanks to digitally designed inverter-controlled GMAW/MIG and FCAW systems, low spatter and stable arc welding is possible here.
  • For those situations where MIG welding isn't ideal, stick welding is an option.
  • Arc force controls and adjustments are used to fine-tune MIG and Stick mode.
  • A higher power factor and greater efficiency lead to more significant savings in electricity.
  • A digital display license allows for the precise and repeatable setting of the welding limit.
  • The wire feeder motor with a printed circuit board ensures long-term dependability and high resolution.
  • This machine can operate in temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius.
  • Digitally controlled waveforms have a superior ARC feature.
  • The machine is light, compact, convenient, and portable in terms of weight.
  • Voltage changes are automatically compensated for.
  • For smooth and uniform operation, the wire feeder has two gears.
  • This MIG machine has been specifically engineered for use in outdoor settings.
  • Using power SMD technology, the machine maintains precision.

Products Details :-

Model 400 mig/arc welding machine
Welding Current Range 400
Power Consumption ELECTRIC
Phase 3 Phase
Working Voltage 440V
Welding Current at 100% Duty Cycle 100
Insulation Class F
Cooling Fan Cooled
Power Factor 80


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