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Manual metal arc welding or MMAW is also called shielded metal arc welding or SMAW. In the stick welding process, the arc is struck between an electrode flux laminated metal piece and the workpiece. The metal piece and the surface of the workpiece liquefy to create a weld. Argon-based mixtures, for instance, replace carbon dioxide with argon as the shielding gas. Benefits include increased productivity weldman mma 300 welding machine manufacturer In punjab is also using higher welding speeds, best wetting and penetration and reduced deformation through lower heat input which answers in cleaner welds and rework effort is downwards.

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Polarity says that the path of electricity flow when welding. Some electrode classifications and brands may handle the best on Direct Current+ polarity, others are better to run on Direct Current - polarity, and many electrodes run either way with very little difference. Arc welding with laminated electrodes is a manual process where the source of the heat consists of the electric arc. Hence weldman mma 300 welding machine supplier In punjab always remembers that quality and quantity are equally important.

Products Details :-

Welding Type ARC Welding
Automation Grade Manual
Output Current 20-300A
Brand Weldman
Usage/Application Industrial


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