Stud Welding Machine Manufacturer in punjab

In terms of stud welding tools and machinery, Weldman is a pioneer. We are the only company in the nation to design and produce stud welding equipment, and we are well-known all over the world for our cutting-edge technology, high-end tools, and our expert knowledge of the sector. Choose us for dependable, long-lasting solutions if you need stud welding equipment. We are the leading stud welding machine manufacturer in punjab.


For attaching a single side fastener to a metal component, such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, aluminium alloy, and brass studs and components, our company is a strong and dependable welding technique. A variety of fasteners, such as weld studs, pins, nails, and earth tags, can be used by our personnel. We have supplied these welding machines all over the country. Hence, we are a significant stud welding machine supplier in punjab.


Capacitor discharge (CD), drawn arc (DA), and short cycle are the three primary stud welding techniques utilised in a variety of manufacturing applications (SC). All of these procedures yield remarkably durable and show robust results. Each is best suited to specific materials and offers a range of capabilities. Electrical, mechanical, decorative, and consumer industries are just a few of the ones that can use a stud welding method. We have been exporting these machines globally. We are one of the largest stud welding machine exporters in punjab.

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